Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Paul's June 2012 Fly of the Month

The Goldie (or the Fly Fisherman’s “Phoebe”)

Tying thread:  For everything other than the head of the fly, White Danville Fly Master.  For the head behind the bead, Florescent Fire Orange Thread.
Hook:  Wet fly #6 or #8 Daiichi 1550 or Mustad 3399
Bead:  5/32 Gold Bead.
Tail:  3-4 strands of Bill’s red body braid or 3 strands  red Krystal Flash.  Over this tie in two ribbons of Bill’s Pearl Body Braid (2 ribbons = 1 loop), over which is 2 ribbons of Bill’s Gold Body Braid.  The length of the tail is approximately 1 ½ inches.
Body:  Silver mylar or tinsel.
Collar:   Four loops of Bill’s Pearl Body Braid and Four loops of Bill’s Gold Body Braid.  These loops are tied in front of the mylar body and just behind the gold bead.  They will extend to approximately the beginning of the bend of the hook.  Once all the loops are in place they are cut with a scissors to create 16 strands of braid.
Head:  Create a Florescent Orange band between the collar and bead.  Whip finish and cement the fly.  The next step is the most important.   Your hook will have ribbons forming a tail and forming a collar.  Comb all the ribbons out with a toothbrush to separate the braid strands.
This fly was developed by a gentleman by the name of Dick Empie.  I refer to this fly as the “Fly Fisherman’s Phoebe”.  In my youth I often spin fished using a spoon like gold lure called a Phoebe.  The action on this fly is incredible, as is its fish catching capabilities.  Many refer to it as a “miracle” fly.  It’s a streamer that is particularly suited to smaller streams.   It can also catch just about every species out there.   For you salt water guys, tie this up to catch false albacore.  It’s a great striper fly too.
For those of you who want to purchase pre-assembled kits to tie this fly, they are available from Trela Custom Rods.  You can contact Dan Trela at 413 967-3430 or email him at trelarods@comcast.net .  Dan has been a long time supporter of the HFFA and the HFFA Expo. 
This fly can also be viewed at the Housatonic Fly Fishermen’s Association website at www.hffa.net .  If you have any questions about this fly or would like to submit a pattern of
The month I can be reached at 203 305-3850 or e-mail me at pdinice@snet.net.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Fly Fishing small stream with good friend John Paul.

Hi All, May 11, 2012 I was fortunate to get out fly fishing with my good friend John Paul.  We both landed some really nice brookies with wooly buggers, a fly called "The Goldie", and prince nymphs.  It was just a beautiful day to be out on a small stream with a good friend.  What's better than that !


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mike Larrabee - Landing a Cape Cod Striper

Fly fishing has introduced me to some good people and friends.  Mike is one of them.  Although not a fly fisherman, I've enjoyed many spring evenings at Cove Road with Mike and other friends.  Lots of laughs & bantering back and forth as we fish on a beautiful back bay.