Thursday, October 20, 2011

Paul's November 2011 Fly of the Month

EZ Eyes Hare Emerger
Hook:  Size 12 to 18 Curved shank emerger or scud hook. 
Tying thread:   Black 8/0 or 6/0.
Trailing shuck:  A small bundle of ginger hackle fibers.
Rib:   Pearl Krystal Flash or narrow Flashabou.
Body:  Hares ear dubbing or synthetic substitues.
Wing:  A thin strip of 2 millimeter thick closed cell white foam for larger flies, or short tag of white cylindrical foam for size 18 flies.

Hackle:   Light ginger.
I love emergers and I especially love emergers on a curved shank hook.  The top part of the fly remains visible in the surface film and the “butt” of the fly extends down below the surface film.  This particular pattern can be used to imitate a variety of caddis and mayflies.  Just size it to the insects on the water.  It’s also a great “attractor” or “search” pattern.  The foam wing helps you to keep visual contact with your fly.
Begin by starting your tying thread 1/3 down the hook shank from the eye.  Extend the thread the rest of the way into the hook shank to the deep bend in the hook.  Tie in a bundle (approximately 6-8 fibers) of light ginger to form the shuck.  These fibers should be half the length of the body.  Tie in a strand of Krystal flash to be used for the rib.  Dub a tapered body half way up the length of the hook.  Tie in your ginger hackle immediately next to the dubbed body.  Next, cut a thin strip of closed cell foam needed to form a loop wing.  The foam is tied in on top of the remaining hook shank.  It is then looped and tied in so that it leans forward over the hook eye and resembles a “cripple” style wing.  It is critical that when tying in the foam wing enough space is left between the dubbed body and the wing to wrap your ginger hackle.  Once the wing is in place, wrap the hackle 3-4 times behind it.  Secure the hackle with your thread.  You can now tie off your thread near the eye of the hook. 
This fly can also be viewed at the Housatonic Fly Fishermen’s Association website at .  If you have any questions about this fly or would like to submit a Fly of  The month I can be reached at 203 305-3854 or e-mail me at