Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Paul's September 2012 Fly of the Month

Deep EZ Sand Eel

Hook –Mustad #34007, or Tiemco 811S, size 8 to 2/0.

Thread – Mono Thread.   

Wing – White buck tail; over which is Angel hair.

Flash – Silver mylar tinsel.

Body:   EZ Body. 

Eyes – Dumbbell eyes.

Glue/cement – Light cured acrylic, CA glue.

This fly was developed by Brad Buzzi.  Brad is a renowned fly tyer and President of the Atlantic Saltwater Flyrodders out of South Jersey.  Fellow CT/RI Coastal Fly Fisher Ron McCullen turned me on to this pattern this past spring.  I found it very effective and its pretty much “bullet proof”.   It has a slim sand eel type profile and gets down deep fast. 

Begin by wrapping your hook with mono approximately 1/3 down the length of the hook shank.  Tie in your Dumbbell eyes with figure 8 wraps of your thread.  At each tying stage it is recommended to use some cement/glue for fly durability.  Next, tie in a clump of white buck tail behind the eyes.  Use your thumbnail to make sure the buck tail surrounds the hook shank.  It should extend 1 to 2 lengths of the hook shank beyond the bend.  Next attach and tie in your silver mylar tinsel behind the eyes.  Wrap back with your thread to the bend of the hook, then back behind the eyes.  Wrap the tinsel forward along the body to behind the eyes.  Clip and tie off the remaining tinsel.  Next, invert your fly in the vise.  Tie in your Angel hair behind the eye of the hook and in front of the eyes by looping it around the hook shank.  Work the Angel hair in equal portions around the bend of the hook.  This is going to form the top of your inverted fly.  Wrap your mono thread over it the length of the hook shank.  Invert your fly again.  Attach a section of ‘small size’ EZ body in front of the eyes and wrap your thread forward to the eye of the hook.   Excess EZ Body should extend beyond the eye of the hook.  Wrap your thread back until it is even with the hook point.   Fold your EZ Body back and tie it off at your thread location.  Clip the tag end and whip finish your fly.   This is going to form the ‘belly’ of your fly.  Fill in the belly and coat it with light cured acrylic or if you prefer epoxy.

Check out this and other salt patterns at Brad Buzzi’s web site www.buzfly.com.    This fly can also be viewed at the Housatonic Fly Fishermen’s Association website at www.hffa.net .  Below is a video from Brad Buzzi on how to tie the Deep EZ Sand Eel.