Friday, October 30, 2015

Paul's November 2015 Fly of the Month

Rainbow Warrior

(and variation Dragon Warrior)

Hook:  Tiemco 2487  Size #14-#20. 

Tying thread:   Red 8/0 or UTC 70.

Bead:  Rainbow bead, glass bead, or bead of choice.

Tail:   Pheasant tail fibers.

Body:  Pearl mylar tinsel, flashabou, or ribbon. (Black halographic tinsel for the Dragon Warrior).

Thorax:  Rainbow Sow Scud Dubbing.

Wing Case:  Pearl mylar tinsel, flashabou, flash back material or ribbon.

This was developed by Mr. Lance Egan of Utah.  It was made to be fished on tail water fisheries.  At times I’ve had remarkable success with it on the Farmington River.  It works great all year round but I’ve had most success when sulphers are on the water.  Many fly fishermen have success with it in the winter months.  

There are a few things that I love about this fly.  First is the iridescent pearl body.  The red thread really sheens through the body.  It acts as a beacon that says “eat me” to fish.  I’ve previously fished and had success with other pearl body nymphs such as “Lightening Bugs”.  There’s something about it that just attracts fish.  If you  substitute black holographic flashabou for the pearl, you’ve got a “Dragon Warrior”.  That pattern tied in smaller sizes has also worked well for me.  I also love the little band of red thread (“hot spot”) behind the bead.  Finally, what’s not to like about pheasant tail fibers for a tail.  I almost always fish this nymph in a two fly rig. 

To begin tying this fly, place your matching bead of choice on the hook.  In keeping with the name of the fly, and based on previous experience, I use a “rainbow” bead.  These beads have different multi colored hues which reflect light.  I think they give a much more natural presentation and something different that trout can’t recognize.  Sometimes that is extremely important on a tail water like the Farmington where the fishing pressure on the resident fish is off the charts.  At one time “rainbow” beads were difficult to find and purchase.  They have really caught on with fly fishers and are now readily available in most fly shops. 

Next, lay down and cover the hook shank with your red thread to form a slender and uniform body.   Then tie in 3-4 pheasant tail fibers for your tail.  Now tie in your pearl mylar tinsel or flashabou.  Advance your thread to just behind the bead.  Palmer your tinsel forward to create the body of the fly.  Tie it off on top of the nymph but do not cut off the tag end.  You are going to use it for a wing case after you dub your thorax.  Dub a thorax with tan sow scud rainbow dubbing.  Pull your mylar wing case over the thorax and tie and cut it off just behind the bead.  Make a few wraps with your red thread behind the bead.  Tie and cut it off.  You can apply some head cement to the wraps or give the wing case and wraps a coat of U.V. resin or 5 minute epoxy. 

There is a great instructional video by Tim Camissa on how to tie the Rainbow Warrior below:
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