Monday, April 17, 2017

April 17, 2017 Fishing Report & Video of Will Stone landed a Hous striper.

Fishing Report April 17, 2017

Upper Housatonic – The upper river is flowing at 1,800 CFS this morning.  Keep an eye on flow.  As soon gets down to around 1,500 CFS you can wade most areas.  Reports I’m getting that the first Hendricksons have been spotted.  I love to fish this river the first time it gets to a fishable level in the Spring.  I’ve always done well fishing to fish that haven’t seen a fly in a long time.

Farmington River – As with most rivers the recent rain should improve fishing on this river.   The reservoir finally has a decent amount of water.  Water flow is high than we’ve seen in a very long time. The river is chock full of fish, hold overs and recent stockies.  That being said, the reports of fish being caught have been less than stellar.  This may be the result of the water temps being too cold at the moment.  Also due to the increased flows.  Hard to tell.  With this heat spell the water should warm up and the fish should become more active.  There should be a lot more insect activity too.  The first Hendricksons have also been spotted. 

Smaller Streams – This is a great time of year to fish smaller streams in your area.  They are loaded with fish.  I’ve been out a bunch of times fishing the ones in my vicinity.  Unfortunately, I have not been doing well fishing them.  Most are flowing at higher than normal levels and the water temps are on the high side.  I’ve seen a ton of “little black stones” on all the streams I’ve fished, but the trout haven’t been on them.  Again, keep your eye on warmer water temps and increased insect activity. 

Lower Housatonic – The lower Hous is fishing extremely well right now.  You don’t have to match the hatch,  traditional ties of deceivers & clousers will do the trick.  Migratory fish haven’t arrived in strong numbers yet but the river is full of hold over fish.  Some of them are decent size fish.  I landed my first keeper the other night.  Unfortunately I sliced my finger open on the striper’s gill plated.  A new first for me.  I went home all bloody and looking like a serial killer.  Best time to fish the river is on the outgoing tide. 

Below is a video of friend Will Stone landing a spring Hous Striper:

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